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Personal Quotes of Dr. Michael Bleyman

Personal Quotes of Dr. Michael Bleyman that people know of and remember (email me and I will post them here ):

From the blog In Honor of Dr. Michael Bleyman:

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What was Dr. Michael Bleyman's vision and intention?

What was Dr. Michael Bleymans original vision and intention for CPT?

If you knew him personally, please share your experience of Dr. Michael Bleyman's vision here
(Constructive comments only and you may email me to post it directly in the blog ):

From the blog In Honor of Dr. Michael Bleyman:

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A few web links that I found about Dr. Michael Bleyman ..

Wild Cats in Carolina Is the Carnivore Preservation Trust creating a genetic future for threatened species— or genetic junk?

This CV is placed on site in memory of Michael Bleyman.

I had the privilege of working with the renowned zoologist and tiger expert Dr. Michael A. Bleyman before his untimely death in July 1996

Originally Published in the Feline Conservation Federation magazine
September/October 2004, Volume 48, Issue 5

At a North Carolina Refuge, the Cat's Meow

If you know of any more web links, please post them here or email me to add them:

From the blog In Honor of Dr. Michael Bleyman:

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A man who liked to play with big cats!

An un-official blog in honor of Dr. Michael Bleyman, the founder of Carnivore Preservation Trust (1981). He was a man who loved to play with big cats and gave up a stable job to pursue his dream of making a difference in the world, following a passion. My intention is to keep alive one of my personal heroes and possibly provide a pathway for others to make such a difference. Carnivore Preservation Trust gave me this photo of Dr. Bleyman working with the big cats. Please forward this blog ( ) to anyone you know who may remember this man and to share stories about his life for all of us to enjoy. You may email me the stories to post and state your name or be anonymous but please use good taste. E-mail your contributions to: and please put "add to the Dr. Michael Bleyman blog" on the subject line. This blog is NOT supported by the current Carnivore Preservation Trust but if you want to learn about Carnivore Preservation Trust today go to:

From the blog In Honor of Dr. Michael Bleyman:

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